Booker T Reveals The REAL Reason Why He Left TNA

"I was hot. I was mad!"

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Booker T has revealed the real reason why he decided to depart TNA in 2009.

Speaking via his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast, the former World Champ addressed rumours that he'd refused to put over Matt Morgan in the company before leaving. That, Booker claims, is absolutely false - he left TNA because they'd p*ssed him off before that.

Book was on a flight back to the US from Switzerland when TNA management laid out a scenario that'd see Kurt Angle accidentally cost Booker a match with Morgan. The former WCW and WWE man agreed, and said he had no problem putting anyone over.


Things changed when he arrived at the building a few days later for tapings and was informed that he'd be putting Morgan over clean in less than six minutes. Booker still didn't have an issue with losing, but he did think it was disrespectful that TNA hadn't told him about the change of plans beforehand.

They ended up doing the match with Angle's previously-planned interference after all. Booker then told TNA that the next pay-per-view (Bound For Glory) would be his last.

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