Booker T Shoots Hard On WWE's Riddle Wrestling Barefoot

Throwing 'The Book' at Riddle's look...

Booker T is not a fan of (Matt) Riddle's look.

The WWE Hall Of Famer discussed the Raw star on his podcast and criticised his decision to wrestle barefoot. Booker isn't sure why Riddle would choose to do this, and said "there has always been a certain look that you must have" if you want to be WWE or Universal Champion.

Book said he's "thinking from a promoter’s perspective", and isn't trying to bury Riddle before his WWE career really gets started. Even so, he doesn't understand Riddle's presentation; Booker added, "How many World Heavyweight Champions were barefoot? How many of them were greater than 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka?".


An interesting question, but Snuka is probably a poor example. He never held any titles across multiple runs in the WWF/WWE.

Booker closed with, "That’s not the look of a World Heavyweight Champion" and continued to pound on the fact Riddle doesn't wear traditional wrestling boots.


Riddle fired back by tweeting a picture of his shocked face and the caption, "My face whenever Booker T speaks". That's likely to get a response from the former World Champ too.

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