Booker T Slams Tessa Blanchard's IMPACT World Title Win As "The Worst Idea In The History Of Wrestling"

The WWE Hall of Famer labels Tessa's big win "the worst idea in the history of wrestling".

Booker T

Following Tessa Blanchard beating Sami Callihan to become IMPACT World Champion at this past Sunday’s Hard to Kill PPV, Booker T has lashed out and labelled Tessa’s win as “the worst idea in the history of wrestling”.

Speaking on his The Hall of Fame podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer lambasted Blanchard’s win and pondered whether the move was made purposely to sabotage IMPACT Wrestling. As Booker put it, “It makes me question and wonder if somebody is trying to blow this thing up on purpose? It’s like somebody saying, ‘Man, let’s see how bad we can mess this up.’”

Elaborating, the multiple-time World Champion suggested problems with how IMPACT handles the rest of its female talent moving forward. “If Tessa Blanchard goes back and wrestles the women, she'll be able to beat all of them,” said Booker T, before adding, “Now the woman that beats her, she’d be able to go out and beat the men too. The crossover of intergender wrestling is something that’s for independent companies, okay? If they want to be looked at as an indy group, keep doing stuff like this.”

While Booker T is synonymous with WCW and WWE, he himself has history with IMPACT Wrestling, of course. Between 2007 and 2010, Booker competed for IMPACT when the company was going by the TNA name, with Book winning the TNA Legends Championship and the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

How Tessa Blanchard’s IMPACT World Championship win plays out for the company remains to be seen, but Booker T has certainly made his thoughts on the matter perfectly clear – and this being the same Booker T who has long been a fan of Tessa’s.

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