Brandi Rhodes WON'T Appear On Chris Jericho's Cruise

The chances of seeing the Nightmare Collective's mouthpiece have been stolen away in the night.

Brandi Rhodes AEW
Lee South/AEW

Brandi Rhodes will not be boarding Chris Jericho's 'Rock 'n' Wrestling Rager at Sea Part Deux: Second Wave' because someone has stolen her passport, she revealed on social media.

However, Rhodes was apparently scheduled to leave the cruise early anyway, as she is set to deliver the keynote speech at NATPE Miami Marketplace & Conference.

She took to Twitter to reveal the news, tweeting 'I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone, as I was having to leave early to deliver the keynote at NATPE next week (which I am insanely excited for!) but I will not be on the cruise at all this year. My passport was stolen this evening and I cannot attend. Be safe and have fun.'

The comments she received off the back of this tweet were unsavoury to say the least, with many fans celebrating her lack of appearance and some even claiming that the passport thief must have been an AEW Women's division fan - referencing how some fans feel as though Rhodes' Nightmare Collective stable are derailing the division.

In response to the trolls, Rhodes simply screen-shotted some of the response and added a 'stand up human beings here' comment.

The Nightmare Collective unit haven't been everyone's cup of tea. However, there's no denying that Rhodes has been an integral part of marketing and promoting this vibrant new company. So, the fact that her absence is being celebrated in such a way by AEW fans is rather unusual.

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