Braun Strowman Pitches Huge WWE Draft Move For NXT Star

Ex-WWE star Braun Strowman wants big things for his real-life partner.

Raquel Gonzalez

Braun Strowman wants to see Raquel Gonzalez on Raw or SmackDown.

WWE's former 'Monster Among Men' replied to an Instagram post fired out by the @WWEonFOX account - it asked which one NXT star should be traded to another show during the upcoming 2021 Draft. Big Braun was all over it, and immediately named his real-life girlfriend.

His exact comment was, "@raquelwwe over everyone!".


Gonzalez is the current reigning NXT Women's Champion, and is set to defend that belt against Franky Monet on next Tuesday's NXT 2.0. She and Strowman have been a couple for a while now (both have mentioned it numerous times across their social media channels), and it looks like Braun wants to see her smash it on Mondays or Fridays.

Being honest, this could be a subtle tease of what's to come. It's not impossible that Raquel will drop the title to Monet next week and then get drafted to one of the other shows in early-October. She's been NXT Women's Champ since April's TakeOver: Stand & Deliver weekender.


Would you like to see Gonzalez trade NXT life for Raw or SmackDown? Or, do you wholeheartedly disagree with Strowman's wish?

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