Braun Strowman Reveals Whether He's Held AEW Talks

Has the Monster Among Men had discussions about becoming #AllElite?

Braun Strowman Adam Scherr Free the Narrative II

One of the biggest names to be released by WWE this year, many have pondered what's next for Adam Scherr, aka Braun Strowman.

The Monster Among Men made his wrestling return in a cinematic bout against EC3 at Free the Narrative II earlier this month (as pictured), and now the one-time WWE Universal Champion has discussed whether or not he's had talks about signing with AEW.

During an interview with John Maakaron for Sports Illustrated, Scherr had the following to say about any AEW discussions:

"Yeah, we've sat down, and discussed stuff like that with my agent and things like that. We're just trying to find a fit now, where everything kind of will work together, since now there's so many things that I'm working on in my personal life. I don't have as much time to devote to the full-time schedule to wrestle now. So, it's trying to find somewhere where I'll be able to land in there to show up, have fun and entertain the people, but still be able to work on my side projects."

It's a little unclear whether Scherr means he's talked to his agent about possibly signing with AEW, or whether he and his agent have sat down with an AEW representative to have such talks, but it definitely seems like the powerhouse at least has some interest in working with Tony Khan's promotion should a suitable arrangement be agreed upon.

Since departing WWE on 2 June, the former Wyatt Family member has been heavily rumoured to sign with IMPACT Wrestling, with this weekend's Bound for Glory talked up as a potential landing spot for Scherr. Whether that actually happens, well, that remains to be seen.

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