Braun Strowman's First Post-WWE Wrestling Appearance Confirmed

The Monster Among Men close to signing a HUGE deal to compete outside of WWE.

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Despite reports that WWE has interest in having Braun Strowman return to the company, there's now a major update on the Monster Among Men's first post-WWE wrestling match.

As per PWInsider, the real-life Adam Scherr has reportedly agreed to wrestle at Qatar Pro Wrestling's SuperSlam 3 event early next year.

Lucha Libre Online adds that the one-time WWE Universal Champion is due to fly to Qatar next month to formally sign a deal that's been put together by Qatar Pro Wrestling Chairman Ali Al-Marafi.


If Strowman does indeed compete at SuperSlam 3, he'll join some pretty major names on the card - with Jon Moxley, Hiroshi Tanahasi, Will Ospreay, Sammy Guevara, EC3 and Brian Cage all already announced for that show.

Braun was one of several WWE releases that took place on 2 June, with plentiful reports since then claiming AEW has some interest in the powerhouse, while WWE is also weighing up bringing him back into the fold as a way to combat the impending AEW arrivals of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.


If WWE really is keen on re-signing Strowman, one has to imagine they'll have to come to an agreement before this QPR deal is signed in September. After all, WWE doesn't play well with others - so a formal contract for a Qatar appearance would throw a major spanner in the works of any such WWE/Strowman talks.

Emanating from Doha, Qatar's Lausail Sports Arena, SuperSlam 3 takes place on 26 February 2022.

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