Braun Strowman's First WWE Return Feud Confirmed

Here's who Triple H has in mind for Braun Strowman on Raw/SmackDown soon.

Omos MVP

Omos vs. Braun Strowman is all-but-confirmed.

MVP confronted Braun after the 'Monster Of All Monsters' beat two enhancement workers on Friday's episode of SmackDown (for the record, that enhancement duo was comprised of Brian Thomas and James Maverick) in a short squash match.

Omos was there too, but things didn't get physical between he and Strowman before the segment ended. Everybody knows what's coming next here though; this is WWE's latest battle of the giants, and it'll likely be announced for Crown Jewel over in Saudi Arabia soon.


Don't be shocked to see that social media graphic pop up shortly, basically.

This is a step forwards for Braun after a month or so of randomly warring with WWE's tag-team division, but it does raise an interesting question: Will Triple H use Strowman as a means to put Omos over as the company's top monster? Or, is this the end of the road for MVP's giant post-Vince McMahon fawning?


Either way, it'll scratch an itch for any fans out there who love these monster vs. monster scenarios. They rarely make for good matches, but they're a WWE go to.


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