Bray Wyatt Attacks Mick Foley On WWE Raw Reunion

'The Fiend' jumped Foley.

Mick Foley Bray Wyatt

Mick Foley vowed to get his mandible claws back on the WWE 24/7 Championship during his turn for Raw Reunion last night, but he never got the chance, after he was blindsided by a certain 'New Face of Fear'.

Whilst sharing his favourite Raw moment with the crowd - his famous WWE title victory some twenty years ago - he was interrupted by the terrifying image of the masked Wyatt appearing on the big screen. The lights subsequently dimmed, and Foley turned to find the spooky superstar in the flesh.

Wyatt then laid the occasional Mankind out with his very own mandible claw, totally immobilising him in the ring, before his laugh rang through the arena and he vanished back to whence he came.


Last week, Finn Bálor found himself on the receiving end of a Wyatt blackout, as the one time cultist prepares to return for in-ring action in his new Beetlejuice-esque get-up.

Presumably, we'll learn next week whether Foley was passing the torch with his finisher, or if it was simply a one-off for the sake of the reunion shenanigans.

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