Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan To Reunite In WWE?

Social media tease sparks talk of Wyatt Family reunion.

Bray Wyatt Erick Rowan

This week's SmackDown saw WWE set Erick Rowan off in a bold new direction, destroying Roman Reigns and (former?) ally Daniel Bryan to close the show.

A segment that began with Bryan demanding an apology for Reigns after 'The Big Dog' had accused Daniel of attacking him unraveled as Rowan attacked Roman. Rowan, the real culprit, then had the taste slapped out of his mouth by Bryan (just like last week), so he beat him down as well, and will now face Reigns at Clash of Champions on 15 September.

An effective way to kick off a solo monster run, but could a reunion with Bray Wyatt be on the cards?

'The Fiend' tweeted the following in response to Rowan's "I've got no strings to HOLD ME DOWN" last night:-

Of course, this could just be the former 'Eater of Worlds' playing games. His post-return social media activity has been as erratic as his new character itself. Besides, wrestlers are always working and both performers must know that teasing a potential Wyatt Family reunion would spark speculation.

Either way, let us know what you think of Rowan and Wyatt potentially resuming their alliance.

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