Bray Wyatt Launches WWE Return Feud On SmackDown?

Will this wrestler have Bray Wyatt's first WWE match since WrestleMania 37?

Bray Wyatt LA Knight

It looks like Bray Wyatt could be heading for an in-ring showdown with LA Knight.

Knight was cutting a backstage promo on this week's episode of SmackDown when various Wyatt-related graphics kept flashing up on the TV screen behind him. Frustrated, the ex-Maximum Male Models leader yelled at an unnamed WWE staffer off-camera to cut that and focus on him.

Seconds later, Bray appeared.


The situation got heated enough that Wyatt dropped LA with a headbutt - immediately afterwards, Bray looked conflicted with himself, but he was gone by the time Knight really knew what had happened. Now, fans online are wondering if this will be Wyatt's first in-ring feud since returning to the WWE fold back at Extreme Rules.

Bray has yet to work a match, so it'd be interesting if Triple H tried to give one of his newer stars a little bit of rub by working with Wyatt. If nothing else, a match or two vs. LA Knight would give Bray the chance to shake off some ring rust, but there is also the chance that he'll work a similar skit with other wrestlers over the next few weeks.

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