Bray Wyatt Returns To Old WWE Gimmick On SmackDown

No, not The 'Fiend'. Bray Wyatt brought back something else on WWE SmackDown!

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt brought back his old rocking chair on the latest WWE SmackDown.

In a stirring speech, Wyatt flitted between his "real" self and the old 'Eater Of Worlds' gimmick he used to play on company television. At one point, Bray even gave in to his demons by accepting advice from 'Uncle Howdy' that he should embrace who he really is and cause absolute chaos every Friday night.

Fans were right into what Wyatt was saying. No surprises there, because he's been one of the most captivating acts in the entire promotion since returning at last year's Extreme Rules. However, attention now turns to his 'Pitch Black' bout vs. LA Knight (sponsored by Mountain Dew for...some reason) at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.


This will be a very crucial match for Bray.

He hit a home run with his promo on SmackDown, at least, and the build has been fairly strong for this first time ever clash. Wrestling Wyatt is certainly a major step up for Knight after being recast as Max Dupri and goofing around with Maximum Male Models beforehand.


Check out Bray's promo when you can.

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