Bray Wyatt Reveals The Fiend's New Universal Title On WWE SmackDown

Fiendish new design for SmackDown's top title.

Bray Wyatt Title

Revealed as Bray Wyatt's "new face" in the Firefly Fun House, the Universal Champion introduced a customised Fiend Universal Title for the darker side of his new persona.

Though only appearing in flashes on Friday's SmackDown, the belt could be viewed in stunning HD quality thanks obviously to staffers handily having access to the blackest recesses of Wyatt's troubled mind. A gallery went up on the website within hours of SmackDown airing giving fans chance to take a closer look at The Fiend's new "toy", and it...looks like a toy, to be honest.

Bray Wyatt Belt

WWE were perhaps mindful of that in releasing it in the first place - a limited number have been made available to purchase with the organisation noting how it was produced by Tom Savini Studios, just in case the mystique around the gimmick was somehow still alive.

With "Hurt", "Heal" and "Let Me In" scrawled across it and The Fiend mask front and centre, it's made sure to tick all the right branding boxes. The original, terrifying aura of Wyatt's devastating internal terror may now be flat as one of The New Day's pancakes, but the massive merchandise cheques should ensure his grin remains a few miles wide at least.

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