Bray Wyatt To Target The Undertaker On SmackDown Live Tonight?

Speculation intensifies following "11:19" Firefly Fun House tease on Monday Night Raw.

Bray Wyatt The Undertaker

Bray Wyatt's devastating Fiend may have set his sights on The Undertaker, if online theories following his most recent "Firefly Fun House" skit are to be believed.

Fans were sent on the hunt for answers after Wyatt left an intriguing easter egg in a Madison Square Garden edition of his frightening feast of "fun".

In the vignette, Wyatt smashes a digital clock with a hammer, having noticed it previously being stuck at "3:16", itself a reference to fantasy booking from fans that thought he might turn his mandible claw on Stone Cold Steve Austin following 'The Rattlesnake's return. It adjusts to 11:19 and stays put for the remainder of the bit, triggering a number of Twitter fans to come to the same conclusion - 'The Deadman' was a dead man.

This could of course be a red herring, or a tease for something further down the line between the two, but Bray's verbiage has thus far been a far cry from the nonsense the former 'Eater Of Worlds' used to spout.

The Undertaker has already been announced for SmackDown Live's return to Madison Square Garden, and appeared reinvigorated earlier this year following his Graveyard Dogs union with Roman Reigns. A substantially different feud with this version of the Wyatt character could go some way to repairing the damage 'The Deadman' did to the character during their brief WrestleMania rivalry in 2015.

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