Bret Hart Brutally Buries The WWE Championship

In which Bret Hart destroys WWE's top title in the most Bret Hart way imaginable.

Bret Hart piece of crap

Bret Hart has trashed the current WWE Championship design in a new video featuring him unwrapping a replica of the classic winged eagle belt he once wore proudly.

Calling the winged eagle the "most beautiful belt ever made," Bret, in the most Bret way imaginable, slammed WWE's decision to switch to the current "piece of crap," saying that many people still consider the classic design "the real belt."

Here's the full quote from the video:-

"I've got something really cool here. I always thought this was the most beautiful belt ever made, ever in wrestling, god knows why they changed it to that piece of crap that they got. This is the winged eagle belt. It's the pride and joy of any wrestler that appreciates championships and to much fans, this is considered the real belt. The belt with real history."

The version of the strap unwrapped by Hart was in operation from 1988 to 1998, when it was replaced with the more circular big eagle design. Today's WWE Title has been around since 2013, though the strap has undergone several alterations since then, most notably the change of WWE logo.

Bret held that winged eagle strap on five occasions from his first win in October 1992 all the way up to his infamous November 1997 departure.


Click here for the full video.

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