British Wrestling Legend Martin Kirby Retires

Will Ospreay pays tribute following Kirby's retirement.

Martin Kirby No Regrets Champion

Martin Kirby has announced his retirement from professional wrestling.

The British wrestling legend broke the news on Twitter last night, posting the following:-

A 14-year ring veteran, Kirby made his pro-wrestling debut back in June 2006. He was a pillar of the British indie scene for years and one of the biggest names on the circuit to not eventually sign with WWE when NXT UK came around, opting instead to continue his work as a freelancer. Always one of the most respected names on the scene, he'll go down as a tremendous entertainer, and underrated worker, and a versatile, charismatic personality.

Kirby was last seen working for Japan's Dragongate promotion, embarking on several tours with the company from August 2019 onwards. He had a long, notable run with the WhatCulture-affiliated Defiant Wrestling and WCPW, becoming an ace-like figure whilst winning the WCPW World Title, Defiant Internet Title, and enjoying a spell as General Manager.

Will Ospreay paid tribute to Kirby on Twitter this morning. The two worked together extensively in WCPW:-

There's currently no word on whether or not Kirby will hold a retirement match. If he doesn't, his last match could be a 1 March Dragongate trios bout.

All the best to Kirby in his retirement.

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