Brock Lesnar Makes Surprise Appearance At WWE Hell In A Cell 2018

The Beast is back!

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The Universal Championship tussle between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns within the satanic structure at Hell in a Cell 2018 was brought to a standstill when none other than recently deposed champ Brock Lesnar made a dramatic return.

The pay-per-view's main event was aimlessly meandering, with both competitors selling for an inordinate amount of time as The Shield and the (sigh) Dogs of War pointlessly fannied around on the outside of the cage. Just as the crowd had began checking traffic updates - even after Dolph and Seth took an obligatory fall from the cell - The Beast's music hit, and everyone was alive again.

Big Brock, sporting a rather dashing bastard beard, proceeded to literally boot the door off the cage, before hitting Braun and Roman with remnants of a table. Two F5s later, and he was off again, looking rather chuffed with himself.


With Mick Foley de-commissioned thanks to some Heyman maize-running, a new ref ran to the ring, where he inexplicably called for the bell. Apparently, neither men were in "any condition to perform" after being hit with a wrestling move. Where were these bleeding heart refs when The Undertaker whispered in their ear, hey, that's gotta be Kane, all those years ago?

Brock's appearance is a bit surprising given we all thought he was done for the time being post-SummerSlam, but not especially since reports emerged he was in the building a few hours before the show commenced. Is Brock back for good, or is he likely to bugger off again? It's simply impossible to say with the big lad.


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