Brock Lesnar Personally Mentored THIS New WWE Star

WWE's prospective new Raw smash hit received a LOT of help from Brock Lesnar.

Gable Steveson
Twitter @GableSteveson

Brock Lesnar went out of his way to prepare Gable Steveson for WWE life.

The Olympic gold medal winner told Corey Graves on 'After The Bell' that Brock personally mentored him for months in the lead-up to his WWE announcement. Lesnar visited Steveson and hammered home the importance of "winning, friends, and having the right circle around you".

That latter point is something Gable really liked, but he was also stunned that a "big time" star like Lesnar had taken such a keen interest in his fledgling pro wrestling career. Steveson didn't expect that - in fact, as he explained during the same interview, the incoming Olympian fully expected to feel the pressure of being compared to guys like Brock and Kurt Angle.


Lesnar sat Gable down and gave him the "gist of how his life was" and "how he became so successful". That's something the WWE newbie appreciated - he described such visits as a "once in a lifetime thing that you have to listen to".

Steveson is currently preparing for his full WWE debut after joining Raw during the 2021 Draft.

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