Brock Lesnar Pictured Sporting New Look During WWE Absence

WWE's Brock Lesnar has decided to switch up his look during some downtime back home.

Brock Lesnar 2022

Brock Lesnar has shaved off the 'Viking Brock' beard during his downtime away from WWE TV.

Lesnar was recently photographed on a farm with a friend, and he's decided to reach for the razor - Brock still has the ponytail though. Of course, he could grow the beard back before returning to screens. Or, maybe Brocky boy fancies returning to his classic look soon.

WWE has been using Lesnar to promote upcoming events like Day 1 and Royal Rumble in January. 'The Beast' will probably return to work that month to start his road towards WrestleMania 39. He could even be a surprise entrant in the Rumble, or (failing that) maybe he will be part of a major match at Day 1 after all.


Brock's last appearance on WWE programming came at SummerSlam on 30 July. There, he lost a 'Last Man Standing' bout to Roman Reigns, but was able to F5 ex-manager Paul Heyman through the ringside announce desk first.

Who knows if WWE will try to revisit Lesnar vs. Reigns when he comes back. That feud has been done to death at this point.

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