Brock Lesnar Pitched Kofi Kingston's WWE Royal Rumble Spot

No, not that one. The other one...

Kofi Kingston told talkSPORT that Brock Lesnar came up with a memorable way to use him during the 2020 Royal Rumble.

According to Kofi, it was Lesnar's own idea to have himself, Big E and Rey Mysterio gang up early in the match so they'd have something to shout about mid-Rumble and wouldn't be overlooked. That's why the trio got to hit their finishers on Brock before being eliminated.

Read that again: Brock Lesnar came up with a way to maximise three men in the Rumble, not WWE.


Kingston went on to credit Lesnar for having an "awesome mind", and said he'll probably never get the credit he deserves for how smart he is. Kofi also said that his WWE Title loss on SmackDown's FOX debut last October, despite not being popular with a section of fans, was a "great" piece of business that made perfect sense.

That'll infuriate some who were staunchly defending Kofi and criticising part-timer Brock for swanning in and taking the title.


The New Day man closed the interview by praising Lesnar for selflessly elevating Drew McIntyre during WrestleMania 36 season.

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