Brock Lesnar Quits WWE SmackDown For Raw

'The Beast' will chase Rey Mysterio on Mondays.

Brock Lesnar's time on SmackDown looks to be over already.

'The Beast' was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape the Saudi Arabian travel chaos, departing on a private jet, and as such he was in house to open last night's chaotic show. Lesnar stood stoic as mouthpiece Paul Heyman went over his client's easy defeat of Cain Velasquez on Thursday's Crown Jewel, before he moved onto the more pertinent subject of Rey Mysterio's post show beat down.

Heyman made it perfectly clear that Brock had Rey firmly in his sights. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon had told him an encounter was an impossibility, as the two superstars are contracted to separate brands.

As if that matters. Paul E. explained that if Lesnar had to quit SmackDown to get his hands on the Master of the 619, that's exactly what he'd do.

'The Beast' returned to the blue brand for the first time in literally yonks for the show's big debut on FOX at the start of last month, with the Network apparently demanding a big star in lieu of Ronda Rousey's absence.

The Network also requested 'The Fiend', creating this week's troublesome scenario in which, thanks to Wyatt's Universal Championship victory at Crown Jewel, both top titles were on SmackDown.

Lesnar heading to Raw should restore balance to the championship picture.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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