Brock Lesnar To FINALLY Cash In MITB Briefcase At WWE Extreme Rules 2019?

Is another Money In The Bank bait-and-switch incoming?

Brock Lesnar

Take this with the biggest pinch of salt you possibly can, but Paul Heyman claims that Brock Lesnar may finally cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase at this Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules 2019 pay-per-view.

'The Advocate' made the announcement on last night's Raw. After spending some time talking about the PPV and host city Philadelphia, he said that 'The Beast Incarnate' will cash in on either WWE Champion Kofi Kingston or his Universal counterpart, Seth Rollins...

... then admitted that he was only screwing around, and that only he and Lesnar knew when Brock was truly planning on cashing in.

This could lead to the latest in a long line of Lesnar bait-and-switches. Brock and Heyman have tried to call their shot in advance several times since the former Universal Champion took ownership of the briefcase, with Super Show-Down's failed attempt the most notable example. Whether or not WWE actually pull the trigger on it this Sunday remains to be seen, though recent events inspire cynicism.

Lesnar taking one of the belts from Rollins or Kingston would go down like a fart in an elevator... but cashing-in on Baron Corbin? A different story entirely.

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