Brock Lesnar Was Behind Goldberg's Pre-WrestleMania 33 Domination

'The Beast' wanted Goldberg to be at his best come 'Mania 33...

Dave Meltzer has revealed via Figure Four Weekly Online that Bill Goldberg trusted Brock Lesnar to look out for his best interests heading into WrestleMania 33, and that 'The Beast' was actually behind Goldberg's dominating performances on television before the April 2 event.

Knowing his win over Goldberg at 'Mania would mean more if the former WCW star looked dominant, Lesnar lobbied for his peer to look strong in the months leading up to WWE's biggest pay-per-view of the year.

This explains why Goldberg was written to eliminate Lesnar from January's Royal Rumble without much fuss and then go on to dethrone Kevin Owens as WWE Universal Champion at Fastlane just over one month later.


Meltzer claimed the worry is that other WWE headliners might not be as accommodating as Lesnar was should Goldberg return to action later this year. Goldberg's aura certainly depends on opponents checking their egos at the door, otherwise the illusion of his hard-man persona is shattered.

Right now, although WWE still have a merchandise deal in place with him, there's no rush to bring Goldberg back as an active wrestler any time soon.

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