Brodie Lee Almost Signed For A DIFFERENT Company Post-WWE?

Dave Meltzer's claims suggest AEW almost missed the chance to fall in love with Brodie Lee.


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that recently-deceased star Brodie Lee almost decided against joining AEW earlier this year.

Dave Meltzer said that Lee had "been considering" New Japan instead. He believed he could do well there, and thought NJPW might give him the chance to work matches that would've been impossible in WWE - that's a fair point. Despite being a big dude, Brodie had incredible agility.

Meltzer also said that New Japan's style appealed to Lee generally.


He chose AEW in the end, and Dave thinks his friendship with AEW Vice President Chris Harrington could've played a part in that eventual decision. It certainly wouldn't be one that Brodie would end up regretting. He made several good friends in All Elite and got to link up with some new pals.

Then, sadly, the man lost his life.


Obviously, health stopped Lee from achieving his goals in AEW or anywhere else, but it would've been interesting to see him work a few dates in Japan. In fairness, Tony Khan's operation welcomed Brodie with open arms and treated him with the respect he deserved.

It's a sentiment that's been echoed all week, but everyone here at WhatCulture would like to send their love and support to Lee's family and friends during this tough time.

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