Broken Matt Hardy Debuts On AEW Dynamite

Months of speculation come to an end as Hardy debuts on Dynamite.

Matt Hardy

It's official: Matt Hardy is an AEW wrestler.

Having let his WWE contract expire earlier this month, the 45-year-old ended months of rumours and speculation by showing up at the end of last night's Dynamite broadcast in Jacksonville, Florida, decked out in full Broken garb.

This came after The Inner Circle had bested The Elite to claim the numbers advantage in next week's Blood and Guts match. Chris Jericho cut a gloating promo, with his opponents' four-on-five disadvantage a huge hook, though Matt Jackson had a counterpoint. As Vanguard One soared down from the rafters, the elder Young Buck confirmed that with his brother Nick down, The Elite had, indeed, found a fifth man.

Cue: Hardy at the top of the building, "DELETE!" gestures, piano music, and all.

AEW always looked a likely destination for Matt, who reportedly felt his creativity was being stifled in WWE. Lord knows how he'll fare in a WarGames-style match, but he has already reverted to the Broken character that made him a viral smash a few years ago and took him all the way back to Vince McMahon's promotion. Let's see what one of wrestling's most creative minds can do in 2020.

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