Bronson Reed Calls Out AEW's Miro

The Thicc Boy wants the Redeemer.

Bronson Reed

In a not-so-subtle Twitter post, the former Bronson Reed has seemingly called out current AEW TNT Champion Miro.

Posted while last night's AEW Dynamite was on the air, the real-life Jermaine Haley put out:

A quick glance at the first letter of each word there obviously spells out "GIVE ME MIRO".

For Bronson Reed, he was one of 13 NXT names released by WWE last Friday as part of yet another round of mass cuts by the record-revenue-turning company. Of the 13 talents let go, the one-time NXT North American Champion was likely the most shocking, with recent rumours suggesting Reed was soon to be moved to Raw or SmackDown.


Standard NXT deals usually include a 30-day non-compete clause for talents, which, if the case here, means the powerhouse Australian should be free to wrestle for any other promotion from either 5 September or 6 September. Of course, AEW's All Out PPV takes place on that first date.

Prior to signing with WWE in 2019, Bronson previously went by the Jonah Rock mantle. Given his Twitter handle is now simply Jonah, it may well be that Jonah Rock is who turns up as and when this highly talented Thicc Boy resurfaces in a wrestling ring.

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