Bryan Danielson Downplays "Overstated" AEW Creative Role

AEW favourite Bryan Danielson isn't quite the creative power player that's been reported.

Bryan Danielson

There were a lot of excited fans on social media when Tony Khan put over one Bryan Danielson as an important creative power player behind the scenes in AEW, but Danielson himself has since moved to downplay his influence.

Bryan told 'Sports Nightly' that his power behind the scenes has "probably [been] a little overstated" by the media. According to Danielson, the truth is that Tony "sometimes asks [him] about certain ideas", mainly for Saturday night's Collision show. That isn't a given though.


Explaining, Bry added: "Sometimes he doesn't. [Tony's] a very busy man".

Danielson also said that he hears less from Khan during the NFL season. That kicked off just over a month ago, so Tony has been rather busy working things out on the Jacksonville Jaguars side. Of course, his family also owns Fulham in the English Premier League too, so busy is the right word!


It's interesting that Bryan refused to take credit for some of the better stuff happening on AEW TV lately though. Tony does ask him for suggestions, but Danielson isn't formatting the shows from start to finish.


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