Bryan Danielson Reveals Why He Chose To Sign With AEW Instead Of WWE

Bryan Danielson actually had three options before signing on the AEW dotted line...

AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson has explained his reasons for choosing AEW over WWE.

As soon as it became clear the former WWE Champion's contract had very much expired with his now-former employers in May of last year, fans were quick to fantasise over a future that could see the return of The American Dragon in a much more brutal All Elite landscape.

And sure enough, that's precisely what ended up coming to pass. But precisely why did Danielson opt to kiss goodbye to the world of Sports Entertainment in favour of an AEW fresh start?


Well, first of all, the veteran sensation didn't merely have the options of either going to AEW or WWE in the time leading up to his eventual return. As Danielson would reveal to Renee Paquette during a recent appearance on The Sessions, the idea of packing in being a full-time wrestling altogether to focus on being a full-time dad was a very real possibility (H/T WrestlingInc):

“So people think I had two options between WWE and AEW, and the reality was I was considering three options, which was WWE, AEW, or just not being a full-time wrestler anymore and being more of a full-time dad. When I told that to Brie with the money that each company was offering to me, I think she might’ve wanted to kill me.”

Of course, Danielson would opt against hanging up his full-time boots in the end. And it was three things in particular that turned his head toward Tony Khan's promotion before arriving on the All Out scene in September 2021.


According to the Blackpool Combat Club wrestler, being handed a lighter schedule, more creative freedom, and the potential to change and try new things all played into his decision to become All Elite, with the freedom to bleed in matches also helping convince the star that this was the place for him.

And the rest was head kickin' history...


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