Buddy Matthews' Next Big Move In Wrestling Revealed

Here's where the former Buddy Murphy is heading next...

Buddy Murphy

Buddy Matthews is on his way to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The former Buddy Murphy was confirmed to be heading to the upcoming Battle in the Valley show in San Jose, California on 13 November over the weekend, with the following video airing during Saturday's (16 October) STRONG Showdown event:-

The likes of Jay White, Tomohiro Ishii, Juice Robinson, and Will Ospreay join Matthews on the Battle in the Valley lineup.


Matthews, 33, has been a free agent since WWE released him as part of 2021's mass run of roster cuts on 2 June. He has made only a handful of wrestling appearances following his 90-day non-compete clause's expiration on 31 August, working a trio of independent matches in Illinois and Philadelphia. Despite this, the former Raw Tag Team, NXT Tag Team, and WWE Cruiserweight Championship has been linked with both IMPACT Wrestling and AEW since leaving Vince McMahon's employ.

The Australian hadn't appeared on WWE television for two months prior to his departure, having last featured prominently as part of a maligned romance storyline with Rey Mysterio's 20-year-old daughter, Aalyah.


Whether or not NJPW has signed Matthews to a contract is currently unclear.

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