Bully Ray Details His Own "Incident" With AEW's Jack Perry

CM Punk isn't the only veteran to have had an "incident" with Jack Perry.

Bully Ray Jack Perry

With CM Punk having now recounted his backstage AEW interactions with Jack Perry - interactions that ultimately led to Punk being fired and Perry being completely removed from AEW programming - on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has now discussed his own incident with the "very disrespectful" former Jungle Boy.

Speaking on Busted Open (via POST Wrestling), Bully detailed an interaction he had with Perry during a show in England:

"This is a snot-nosed kid problem, this is a punk-ass kid problem, and I believe every single last word that Punk is saying about Jack Perry, because I had my own incident with Jack Perry in England a year ago, and there wasn't really an incident, because if there was an incident, Jack Perry wouldn't be around anymore. Jack Perry came off, to me, like a very disrespectful young wrestler, especially when I went out of my way to introduce myself to him and extend my hand with a smile on my face and I was treated like a young boy by Jack Perry. Blown off, disregarded. And I see you [Busted Open co-host Dave LaGreca] shaking your head right now, and as God as my witness, should the good Lord strike me down with lightning, I'm telling you the truth."

The former TNA World Champion added:

"So, when I hear these stories about a Jack Perry, like Punk saying he carried himself and he disrespected when he wasn't listening to an authority figure like the doctor or he wasn't listening to an authority figure like Tony Schiavone or anybody else, I believe them, because I witnessed the disrespectful behaviour myself."

The only time Jack Perry has wrestled in England was at All In at Wembley Stadium last year, so the event Bully Ray talks about wasn't at a show where the two were in in-ring action. However, both men were guests at the For the Love of Wrestling convention last May, so this could well be the event Bully is referencing.

Interestingly, that was an event where Jack Perry received criticism from some quarters for how he responded to questions during a panel talk. That was the talk where he advised prospective wrestlers to not get into the industry, in addition to taking shots at some of the talent who'd worked AEW Dark matches.


While he hasn't appeared for AEW since All In, Perry resurfaced in New Japan Pro-Wrestling earlier this year, where he's now a part of the House of Torture stable.

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