Bully Ray Reportedly Leaves TNA Wrestling

He just came back and is already gone again!

Bully Ray was just brought back as the authority figure in TNA Wrestling, but apparently he's already gone from the company, according to PWInsider. Their report states that he hasn't been at their tapings this week and when people asked where he was, the response was that he had already left the company. The report from Mike Johnson claims that Ray told the company that he wasn't happy with the current state of affairs in TNA and felt it was better to distance himself from them. He was working on a per appearance deal and was not under contract because that's the way TNA is bringing in talent these days as a way to save money. It's not a good sign for TNA when they make a big deal out of Ray coming back to the company as the babyface authority figure and then he's gone within a couple of weeks. There's a chance that he could be back in future since guys like James Storm and Austin Aries got out of their TNA deals, yet they are already back working tapings. Plus, Ray's girlfriend Velvet Sky works for TNA, which is another reason why he might remain involved with the company. Regarding the story of Bully Ray not going to WWE NXT in May, he claimed the Wrestling Observer report was wrong and that he didn't go because he suffered an injury to his eardrum. Apparently WWE understood the situation and there are no issues with him, so perhaps he could be in WWE since he wants to go there with Devon to reform the Dudley Boys tag team for a final run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SyY977D6sE
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