Byron Saxton Returns To WWE Raw In Announce Team Shakeup

Out with the Joseph, in with the Saxton and Phillips.

Byron Saxton

Byron Saxton is a WWE main roster announcer once more, having seemingly rejoined the Raw team on last night's show.

The former SmackDown commentator joined Tom Phillips and Jerry 'The King' Lawler as part of the new-look announce team. This came following yesterday's story that Phillips was going to replace Vic Joseph as Raw's play-by-play guy, though there was no mention of Saxton's involvement at the time.

Raw's announce team has been all over the place lately. SmackDown's move to FOX saw Michael Cole and Corey Graves leave the red brand last year, with Joseph, Lawler, and Dio Maddin installed as their replacements. This lasted until November, when Maddin went back to developmental, replaced, temporarily, by Samoa Joe. This transformed into a two-man Joseph/Lawler booth when Joe return to the ring, though the recent changes bring it back up to three.

Recent months had seen Saxton consigned with Main Event, where he and the injured Mickie James were calling the action.

Saxton has served as a WWE broadcaster since January 2014. He has occupied a number of different roles since transitioning from NXT, where he had served as both a commentator and ring announcer.

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