Cain Velasquez & Ronda Rousey Visit WWE HQ - Returns Imminent?

What were the ex-MMA stars doing in Stamford yesterday?

Cain Velasquez Ronda Rousey
Twitter, @cainmma

Cain Velasquez and Ronda Rousey were at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut yesterday, fuelling speculation that the duo were there for discussions over their futures with the promotion.

Velasquez posted the following to Twitter yesterday:-

Neither of them looks dressed for promotional material, hence the chit-chat.

Both former UFC stars are in limbo at the moment. Cain had previously announced his participation in the 2020 Royal Rumble but WWE didn't book him for the bout, though it's thought that he has spent much of the year training at the Performance Center in preparation for his eventual return. His last match was at Crown Jewel 2019 last October, when he reprised his rivalry with Brock Lesnar in a short, snappy bout that felt more like worked MMA than a traditional WWE-style match.

Rousey, meanwhile, was ruled out of a WrestleMania 36 appearance months ago. She recently told the media that if she does come back to WWE, it'll be on a part-time basis as the legendarily gruelling road schedule took a toll on her. Plans change, though, and one would imagine that a big-money offer could tempt her back to the squared circle sooner rather than later.

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