Can You Name These WWE Superstars Disguised As Other Wrestlers?

What's that saying about the 'highest form of flattery'?


Imitation in wrestling is a surprisingly rare affair isn't it? Despite it being such a common comedy trope in the real world, the respect between wrestlers for each other's characters and gimmicks usually means that out-and-out impersonation is a bit too low to stoop. Pulling them apart? Sure. Assassinating them via promos? Absolutely. But dressing up as them for a few cheap laughs? Well, that hardly ever happens does it.

On the rare occasions it does happen though, sparks fly. Whether it's for some special promotional event, an in-ring segment, or even just a fun gallery on, there are just enough examples of wrestlers masquerading as their peers and heroes to... well, to get a quiz out if it, since you asked.

From the obvious to the obscure, the logical to the absolutely loopy, we have 16 sets of WWE Superstars who, for one reason or another, have donned the iconic looks of some other celebrated wrestling personality. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be moderately attracted to a man dressed as Nikki Bella, but will you get them right?

1. Who Is Disguised As Kane Here?

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