Carmella Injured On WWE Raw?

Raw's 10-woman tag may have taken a toll on one of its participants this week...

Carmella WWE

Carmella took a knock while competing in a 10-woman tag on this week's episode of Raw, though it sounds like she is doing okay.

PWInsider's Mike Johnson reports that the former SmackDown Women's Champion was checked out backstage after taking a particularly hard shot from Rhea Ripley during the contest. Carmella tagged out soon after the spot in question, having taken a few moments to recover, with WWE officials taking a look at her off-camera to ensure she was fine to continue.

Fortunately, she was. Carmella stayed on the apron throughout and ended up working every spot intended for her in the bout.


Said match has come in for particularly strong backstage praise this week, with WWE officials said to be thrilled with how it all came together. Carmella was on the losing side, however, with Liv Morgan picking up the pinfall for the babyface team, warming her up for next week's Raw Women's Title fight with Becky Lynch.

Carmella's tag team partner, Queen Zelina, was also in the bout. The duo became WWE Women's Tag Team Champions by defeating Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. on last week's Raw.

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