Carnage On WWE NXT As Main Roster Invades

Triple H got his wish...

After Triple H announced an "open door" policy for this week's episode of NXT at the close of Monday Night Raw, the red and blue brands duly accepted his invitation and invaded last night's NXT on numerous occasions ahead of Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch opened the show, cutting a promo ahead of her triple threat match against the other two women's champions, Bayley & Shayna Baszler on Sunday, before wrestling Rhea Ripley to a no contest after interference from Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

This set the tone for the evening, with outside parties consistently involving themselves in matches, exemplified by Ricochet's attack on Kona Reeves before he could even face Matt Riddle. Ricochet took Reeves' place in the match and the two had an exhilarating encounter before Riddle pinned Ricochet thanks to a distraction from the invading Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro.


They were dealt with by Ricochet, Riddle and Roderick Strong (who of course faces Nakamura & AJ Styles at the pay-per-view) before Finn Balor brawled with Matt Riddle ahead of War Games.

The first scheduled appearance of main roster talent followed, with The Revival putting on an instant classic against The Undisputed Era. However, chaos resumed following the conclusion of Kay Lee Ray versus Dakota Kai.


Numerous members of the Raw & SmackDown women's elimination teams crashed the ring, including the likes of Carmella, Natalya & Kairi Sane, with the NXT women's roster attempting to even the odds before Nikki Cross cleaned house with a trash can lid.

NXT Invasion

Former NXT tag team champions and current Raw champs The Viking Raiders subsequently clashed with The Forgotten Sons in a hard-hitting bout which saw Erik and Ivar emerge victorious before Adam Cole defeated Dominik Dijakovic in the magnificent main event ladder match to hand The Undisputed Era the edge heading into War Games.


Nevertheless, just because the match was finished, it didn't mean the invasions were. Indeed the rest of Cole's stable were confronted by gangs both red and blue before they could hit the ring to celebrate their victory. An all-out brawl ensued with bodies flying everywhere, but the most notable contributions took place inside the squared circle.

Drew McIntyre blasted Dijakovc with a Claymore Kick before Keith Lee powerbombed him and proceeded to join Ivar in leaping from the ring to take out nearly everyone.

Nearly everyone, as NXT Champion Adam Cole appeared to have dodged a bullet as he rose to his feet inside the ropes. That wasn't to last however as an invading Seth Rollins nailed him with a superkick before trading strikes with Tommaso Ciampa as the show went off the air.

A thrilling conclusion to another breathless episode of NXT, and the perfect prelude to the weekend's action.

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