Cash Wheeler Suffers Gruesome Injury On AEW Dynamite

An update on Cash Wheeler, who sliced his arm while wrestling Santana & Ortiz last night.

Cash Wheeler

Cash Wheeler suffered what looked like a nasty forearm injury on last night's Fight for the Fallen special episode of AEW Dynamite.

He and FTR partner Dax Harwood were wrestling Santana and Ortiz on the show. Wheeler got hurt while getting knocked from the top turnbuckle after readying himself for a splash on Ortiz, whom Harwood was about to superplex. Unfortunately, Cash got his forearm stuck on a piece of metal between the 'buckle and ring post as he fell to the floor, slicing it open.

This meant Dax was left to fight Santana and Ortiz alone, and the three wrestlers fast-forwarded to an abrupt finish that saw Harwood put Ortiz down with a Brainbuster. The medical team could be seen tending to Wheeler afterwards.


In an update, PWInsider's Mike Johnson has confirmed that Wheeler suffered "a really bad cut" during the fall, adding that it was a freak accident. Fortunately, Cash was said to be "OK" in the backstage area after the match, though there is currently no word on whether or not he will have to miss any time.

Here's hoping this was one of those injuries that looks nastier than it actually is.

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