Cathy Kelley Quits WWE

The backstage announcer is out after four years with the company.

WWE's Cathy Kelley revealed on her Instagram page that Sunday's NXT TakeOver: Portland will be her final night with the company.

The backstage announcer, who joined the promotion in 2016, has most recently been working as an interviewer on SmackDown. Kelley also worked extensively on NXT and with WWE's social media/YouTube channels over the years.

Now, she's seeking other opportunities outside the organisation.


Before working TakeOver: Portland, Cathy's last major gig as an employee was interviewing The Rock's daughter Simone about living her dreams by signing a WWE contract. As shown in that clip, Kelley has always been a vibrant, credible presenter who brings a personal touch to her work.

PWInsider previously reported that Cathy had given her notice to WWE over the past couple of weeks, and noted that higher-ups were respectful of her decision to cut ties. Four years in WWE has given Kelley some valuable experience, and she shouldn't have any problem finding another gig outside company walls.


In her Instagram post, Kelley said that she'd "typed out and deleted this about 20 times over the past few days" before posting. This obviously wasn't a snap decision.

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