Cesaro Reveals His WWE Dream Match For WrestleMania 37

WWE Title shots can wait, because Cesaro has something else in mind for WrestleMania 37.

The Bar Sheamus Cesaro

Would Cesaro love a WrestleMania 37 match with Seth Rollins, Big E or Daniel Bryan? Yes, yes and yes, but the 'Swiss Superman' has something else in mind if WWE are interested.

He'd like to go one-on-one with his old tag-team partner Sheamus in a battle of The Bar boys.

Cesaro told Corey Graves on 'After The Bell' that the 'Best Of 7' series he and Sheamus worked back in 2016 has never been properly decided. Don't forget that then-Raw GM Mick Foley declared the series a draw and suggested that the war-weary workhorses form an alliance to take over the tag division.


So, they did, and WWE never returned to the story.

Cesaro would enjoy reigniting that flame in Tampa, and he thinks the match could be special if it's given enough time; there's no doubt about that. Both Sheamus and Cesaro are rugged in-ring workers who relish lengthy bouts. Seeing them kick the sh*t out of each other at WrestleMania sounds tasty.


Having "good buildup and good story" is important to Cesaro during 'Mania season. He believes another feud with Sheamus would be the logical next step in his WWE career.

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