CFO$'s 20 Best WWE Themes

Ranking the very best from the duo known as CFO$, WWE's current in-house theme-smiths.

Aj Styles

Move over Jimmy Hart, Dale Oliver, and Jim Johnston, because CFO$ are the current kings of pro wrestling music.

The group - comprised of John Paul Alicastro and Michael Conrad Lauri - have been producing most of WWE's in-house music since 2014, beginning with the Raw theme, The Night. Since then, they've well and truly blossomed, creating theme songs for countless NXT and main roster superstars, and even a few show themes.

They've been so prolific in fact, that they've produced a remarkable number of distinctive, memorable themes in record time, in a startling variety of genres and styles. From Bobby Roode's bombastic faux-Queen anthem to AJ Styles' aggressive red-necky rap theme, their output is nothing short of astonishing.

Attempting to choose the twenty themes that best exemplify CFO$'s mastery of the art of pro graps music composition was not easy. All CFO$ themes were considered - including both songs written for performers and for shows - as well as remixes/rearrangements of existing themes.

20. Blue - Blue Pants

Remember Blue Pants? Indie sort-of darling Leva Bates showed up on NXT back in 2014, doing Kitty Pryde cosplay and getting beaten up by Carmella. No one in WWE had seen anything but Wolverine: Origins, though, and so she got the official ring name of (OLLLLLL') BLUE PANTS and a theme song that was literally just Colin Cassady making Price is Right mouth sounds.

She wasn't long for NXT, most notable for a triumphant return in the corner of The Vaudevillains at the first TakeOver: Brooklyn. On that occasion, she was heralded to the ring by this remix, which, while certainly slicker than the Big Cass original, lacks some of its rough-hewn charm.

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