Chad Gable: I Was NEVER Going To Walk Away From WWE

Chad Gable recently signed a new WWE deal, but says leaving was never an option.

Chad Gable

Chad Gable has told Peter Rosenberg's 'Cheap Heat' show that he never planned to "walk away" from WWE. The only way he would've left the company was if his contract lapsed and management didn't want him around on the roster any longer.

The WWE star told Rosenberg that he's a "loyal guy" who believes in finishing what he started with the promotion. However, Gable is only too happy to admit that finishing things means something more than it did a few years ago; back then, Chad was fairly directionless and didn't see "winning championships and leaving a real legacy" as a possibility for him.


Things have changed.

Gable also thinks he's ready to "reap the benefits of getting through that stuff". By "that stuff", he's surely referring to crummy creative ideas like Shorty G or Vince McMahon's perception of what Chad could contribute to programming. Triple H is clearly a big fan.


The ex-Alpha Academy leader's perseverance has paid off. Gable is producing some of his best work yet, and says he's looking forward to more now he's inked fresh terms with the market leader.

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