Chad Gable Renamed AGAIN On WWE SmackDown

Shorty Gable is now...

...sigh, Shorty G.

Controversially rechristened "Shorty Gable" after commentators et al pretended that Baron Corbin's mocking moniker simply rolled off the tongue for the short-statured star, Chad Gable's tag has undergone a second change in almost as many weeks.

Laughably deployed as another empowering moment for the former Olympian after he effortlessly despatched Curtis Axel on last night's SmackDown, Gable - for no reason at all - decided to shorten (nyuk nyuk) it even further to "Shorty G". It capped off a big Friday for the former tag team champion - he was added to Team Hogan for Crown Jewel's bizarre ten-man tag team clash against a "Team Flair" collection of heels.

According to all the usual sources, this was very much the end destination for the gimmick from the very beginning, so kudos to WWE for following through with some longterm booking, right?

Of course not - long removed from the point where it could be generously argued that this was getting Gable over, the angle remains patronising in the extreme to a man of seemingly limitless gifts.

That's the irony here too - Gable, sorry, "G" will probably get this over. He managed it with a towel with a cheesy catchphrase and Shelton Benjamin. This is - ahem - a shorter climb.

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