Charlotte Vs. Bayley Official For WWE Royal Rumble 2017

Raw Women's Championship on the line.

Charlotte Bayley

Charlotte Flair seems to have escaped from her feud with Sasha Banks as the Raw Women's Champion (though Banks is still owed a rematch after Roadblock: End of the Line), but now, her next challenger has been determined.

On Monday's Raw, it was announced that Flair will defend her title against former NXT Women's Champion Bayley at the Royal Rumble.

Bayley debuted on Raw the evening after SummerSlam and immediately challenged Charlotte for the title. After scoring a win over Dana Brooke, Bayley got her first shot in a triple threat match with Banks and Flair at Clash of Champions, but Flair pinned Bayley to retain. The popular newcomer didn't quit, though, feuding with Dana Brooke while biding her time for another shot at the belt.


On the Raw after Roadblock: End of the Line, Bayley got a crack at Charlotte in a non-title match and ended up coming out the victor, marking her third singles victory over Charlotte. However, there was controversy to the finish, as Charlotte seemed to get her shoulder up before the referee's three count. The following week on Raw, Charlotte won a rematch with Dana Brooke as referee, but on Monday, Bayley earned her shot with a pinfall win over Nia Jax.

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