Charly Caruso Shoots On WWE Cancelling Her Angel Garza Storyline

Why did WWE scrap their budding romance?


WWE backstage interviewer Charly Caruso has responded to a fan question on social media asking why Angel Garza is no longer flirting with her on Raw.

The fan wanted to know why the company suddenly drop angles without any explanation.

Caruso replied to the tweet directly, and she didn't attempt to justify why WWE had cancelled the storyline so abruptly. Instead of defending the creative team, Charly said, "It also randomly stopped". That led to a flood of comments from fans also wondering why budding background stories like this disappear without warning.


You may recall that Garza romanced Caruso for months during promo skits, and he repeatedly handed the interviewer red roses. This raised the ire of his then-manager Zelina Vega; there's a small chance WWE put a halt to the flirting because Vega has moved on. Maybe they don't think it's relevant now Angel is flying solo.

That's just a guess, but it's as good as any.


Garza was shown handing roses to Demi Burnett of The Bachelor in front of Charly too. Whatever they had going on has seemingly been scrapped.

Even Caruso isn't sure why.

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