Chris Jericho: "At This Point, You Can't Control Tony Khan"

Chris Jericho addresses AEW chief Tony Khan's recent Twitter activity.

Tony Khan Chris Jericho

"At this point, you can't control Tony Khan," says AEW star Chris Jericho of his boss' recent X activity.

The first AEW World Champion spoke to The Messenger about the matter, doing so in the wake of Khan's spate of anti-WWE posts last week. Jericho stated that "billionaires are going to be billionaires," adding that Khan is going to do whatever he wants.

Said Jericho:

"I learned years ago that bosses are going to be bosses, and billionaires are going to be billionaires. I've been working for billionaires for 25 years. At this point, you can't control Tony Khan. He's going to do what he wants to do and God bless him. He created this company. He runs this company. He also grew up in the social media era."

Continuing, Jericho said that because Khan is his boss, he isn't going to tell him to put his phone away, reiterating that he wouldn't tell the AEW owner what to do:

"I'm not going to tell him, 'Take your phone away,' because he's my boss. Say what you want. Whatever. I think it'd be worse if I said that stuff because I'm not the boss, you know? Tony Khan owns AEW. He can do what he wants. I'm not going to tell him no."

A day one AEW wrestler, Jericho was crowned the company's first World Champion on 31 August 2019, defeating 'Hangman' Adam Page. He remains a prominent star for the promotion to date.

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