Chris Jericho "Not Interested" In Wrestling THIS Top AEW Name

Chris Jericho says this match will "never happen".

Chris Jericho Sting

Despite having never wrestled one another across their lengthy, legendary careers, Chris Jericho appears to have zero interest in facing Sting.

Responding to a fan on Twitter about Jericho matches which could've taken place in WCW but didn't, the Ocho was quick to shoot down the possibility of going up against the Icon.


As the JAS leader bluntly put it, "It'll never happen. Not interested."

Of course, the villainous Jericho could merely be working his online audience, as a contest between him and Sting is somewhat of a dream match to many fans.

For Jericho, the Wizard spent just short of three years with WCW between the summer of 1996 and June '98. While Sting was a mainstay of the promotion during that time, he and Le Champion never had the chance to step into a ring together.


Likewise, Jericho and Sting never crossed paths by the time the Stinger finally made his way to WWE, and the two have yet to do battle in AEW.

It remains to be seen whether Chris Jericho's recent rivalry with Adam Cole really is done, whereas Sting returned to AEW TV earlier this month to help Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy fend off Swerve Strickland and the Gates of Agony.

Given how Jericho has already worked against pretty much every top star in AEW by this point, Sting would certainly be a major opponent for the Canadian - especially as the Stinger has openly discussed how his in-ring career is winding down, with him now in the final year of his AEW contract.

Basically, if Jericho vs. Sting is ever to happen, it needs to happen in the next few months. All In at Wembley Stadium, anyone... ?

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