Chris Jericho Bemoans Cancelled Undertaker Casket Match

The AEW star took to social media to express his regrets at last year's aborted clash.

Just twenty-fours before the WWE roster put on their third Pay-Per-View in Saudi Arabia, a former leading Superstar admitted his continued displeasure at the booking of last year's inaugural event.

Though Chris Jericho was eventually revealed as the fiftieth and final participant in the Greatest Royal Rumble, being eliminated by eventual winner Braun Strowman, he originally had a much more prominent role on the card.

Jericho had initially been reported as a replacement for Rusev in a Casket Match against The Undertaker but the Bulgarian's jokey reactions to the announcement online were presumed to be responsible for the bout being taken off him. Rusev had tweeted "Bury me softly, Brother" in response to WWE's original post on the well-known social media platform, leading fans to assume this disclosure of the probable finish meant he'd been angrily excluded from the prestigious match-up

Jericho Twitter GRR

As quickly as he'd been removed, he was reinstated however, leaving Jericho and many fans miffed at not getting the match they would have preferred.

While interacting with fans on Twitter yesterday, the Canadian veteran responded with frustration that he too was "p*ssed" the clash never happened and that he'd hated his performance in the main event. Having also complained about the travel and facilities during the controversial trip, we can't imagine the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah is green with envy at his ex-colleagues in Jeddah today, though it is uncertain if a final dream match up with the Deadman would ever be possible again.

Jericho 2 Twitter GRR
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