Chris Jericho & MJF Star In Divisive 'Dinner Debonair' On AEW Dynamite

The steak dinner became a literal song and dance.


Chris Jericho and MJF's much-anticipated Le Dinner Debonair aired on last night's AEW Dynamite, with the duo delivering their most showy, over-the-top segment yet.

It started with a series of interactions typical of the feud thus far, with MJF and Jericho trying to one-up each other as they ordered their meal. The tandem then broke into a version of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Me and My Shadow" before their steaks arrived, carefully tailoring the lyrics to rip on people they have clashed with in AEW, moving into a ballroom as they traded lines back and forth, all while staying as close to in-tune as possible.

After running back the last verse, Jericho and MJF finally sat down for their 20oz porterhouses, suddenly realising that the quest to outdo each other had resulted in both of them being served a slab of raw beef. The segment closed soon after.


This was pure musical theatre (or at least as possible to that artform as wrestling will ever get) and has drawn a big, engaged response across social media, whether positive or negative. The duo will now partake in an Inner Circle Town Hall Meeting on next week's Dynamite.

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