Chris Jericho Reveals AEW's BROKEN Matt Hardy Teleportation Was HIS Idea

Y2J reveals how the "magical" debut was filmed...


Want to know who was behind that strange, delightful BROKEN Matt Hardy debut in AEW? Ask Le Champion and yee shall find out. In short, it was him and he's also just revealed how they put the segment together.

Since the world necessarily closed its doors and everyone looking to maintain their brand presence took to streaming, podcasting or TikToking (if you're the Great Khali, for some reason), we've seen wrestling become adaptable to the new measures.

AEW have, of course, brought in empty arena wrestling, which was the backdrop to the arrival of both Brodie Lee and Matt Hardy to the company very recently. One of their chief talents - and behind-the-scenes plotters - Jericho has also brought in something new himself: a Saturday night special live stream to chat to fans.


Armed with a vat of vodka and an open platform for fans to ask him questions (with the ones about Vince McMahon's mental condition inevitably carefully avoided), Jericho's first stream was as entertaining and enlightening as you'd expect.

Right out of the gate, Jericho revealed that the idea of having Hardy teleport around the empty arena was his brainchild and that he was so particular about what he wanted from it that he scrapped one pre-recorded version because it wasn't up to his vision.


Jericho revealed that he had been unhappy with the version they had put together in advance, so he planned to re-record it ahead of the show. Unfortunately, the sun hadn't gone down and it was too light to film the required footage inside the venue, so instead they decided to pre-record the segment while the show went out live in its usual slot.

Because the show had been partly pre-recorded - specifically the Kip Sabian/Darby Allin match - they had a fifteen minute window to film before Jericho and the editor put it together on the TV truck between 8.30 and 9pm, before it aired at 9.30.


He said that if fans thought it was a little bit "strange and off" it's because it was and the very specific circumstances of how it was put together dictated that. Still, it's an impressive segment - and one that naturally drew a lot of reactions - and while Jericho says he felt like there were some mistakes in how it was filmed, he's ultimately proud of how good it was.

No matter what Jim Cornette says.

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