Chris Jericho Reveals Original Name For His New AEW Faction

Tony Khan didn't like the first suggestion for AEW's Jericho Appreciation Society.

Jericho Appreciation Society

The Jericho Appreciation Society wasn't what Chris Jericho originally wanted to call his latest AEW faction.

After spinning out of The Inner Circle, Jericho put together a new group comprised of Daniel Garcia, 2.0 and old Circle pal Jake Hager. Backstage, the veteran told Tony Khan that he'd like to try calling the stable 'The Citadel'.

That went down like a fart in church.


Tony barely reacted to Jericho's suggestion, and that told the bonafide wrestling legend that "The Citadel sucks". Jericho revealed via his podcast that knew right then and there he'd need something better if he was going to sway Khan into green-lighting a spin off faction.

Looking elsewhere, Jericho then pitched that his new crew be called the 'Art Appreciation Society'. After some thought, that didn't seem self-centred or pretentious enough, so he settled on the now-locked in Jericho Appreciation Society.


Tony liked that, and so did Jericho. He thought it "was just cheesy enough" to work.

'The Citadel' had been his first choice though. According to Jericho, "there was no pop whatsoever" when he pulled Khan aside behind the curtain and told him he was leaning towards that name.

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